Question : I think one of the forklifts on your website will suit my business do you offer a free trial?
Answer: yes we do offer free trials and the only thing we would request is if you do not proceed with the purchase of the forklift we would ask that you pay for the freight of the forklift (generally about $130 each way)

Question: do you offer warranty on forklifts
Answer: yes we do offer warranty on most of our forklifts however some forklifts, usually the Cheaper units won't come with warranty.

Question: do we do on site repairs and service on forklifts
Answer: yes we have mobile mechanics that come to your business

Question: what capacity forklifts do you sell?
Answer: Big or small we sell them all !!!

Question: Should I be buying an LPG or Electric Forklift?
Answer: There is no one simple answer to this question however electric forklifts we believe are better suited to indoor applications and LPG forklifts are better suited to outdoor applications. In the end it all comes down to your businesses individual needs.

Question: I have no idea what type of forklift my business needs can you help me?
Answer: yes we offer free on site inspections of your application to recommend the best equipment for your needs.

Question: should I purchase a forklift or hire a forklift ?
Answer:that will all depend on your individual circumstances for some businesses to purchase outright is the best option for other businesses hiring a forklift with the tax deductions and the added benefits of having the forklift fully maintained and serviced is a better option.

15 Reasons to Choose Lift Truck Brokers

1) Family owned and run business since 1988, so we’re not going to close up overnight and leave you in the lurch (like a lot of shonkies have lately that offered 5 year warranties)

2) Friendly staff that are always contactable by calling our number which diverts through to our mobile phones after hours, and if we do happen to miss your call, we will always call you back as soon as we can if you leave a message.

3) We can supply you with all the equipment required to carry out any Materials Handling job. Have a container coming in? No problem at all, Lift Truck Brokers can supply you with a Forklift and Container Ramp all delivered by Tilt Tray wherever and whenever you need it to get the job done (We can even supply a forklift operator if needed) . Or maybe you need a Forklift with a Bin Rotator or Bale clamp, no problem we can supply them as well.

4) Free onsite inspection of your application to ensure you are getting the best suited forklift for you specific needs, whether it be a Reach Truck for your warehouse, an Electric Counter Balanced Forklift for that Cool Room or factory with limited space, to a Gas or Diesel Forklift for those everyday loading and unloading applications.

5) All of our Forklifts and attachments are Serviced and Repaired by Qualified and Experienced Technicians.

6) We have flexible Rental periods ranging anywhere from 1 Day right up to 5 Years.

7) Easy Finance options for purchasing your Forklifts, Including “Rent to Own” and Standard Leasing/Finance Options with very friendly staff to guide you on the most suitable option for your situation.

8) We can supply both New (Manitou) and Used Forklifts (for hire and sale)

9) Access to a Wide Range of Lift Capacities from 1 Tonne up to 15 Tonne.

10) Our Forklifts all come serviced, OH&S Compliant and Warranties (if purchasing)

11) Try before you buy. We highly recommend to our customers they try our forklifts for a week or two before making the decision to purchase, this ensures the forklift is the perfect match for your application. And offcourse if you’re hiring from us, we can simply swap the forklift for a unit more suited to your needs.

12) Because we are brokers, if we don’t have the specific equipment you need in stock we have access to a wide range of Forklift dealers to source the Forklift to suit your requirements.

13) With our combined Experience and Contacts in this industry, we have the ability to supply or recommend just about anything you need in Relation to your Materials Handling Requirements, including Racking planning and installation, Supply of Fuel for your Forklifts, any attachments needed to get your job done safely, even replacing the tires on your existing forklift.

14) Driver Training and Licencing are essential for any Forklift Owner and/or Operator these days, and we have a number of preferred Driver Training schools that you can attend, or if you or your staff are unable to attend, we have access to Trainers that can train and licence you onsite. (Training students one at a time or in small groups to minimise your downtime).

15) Onsite Service and Repairs to minimise downtime.